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Nutra-Qi™ Supplements

We offer both a small and large size bottle option; the large bottle is appropriate for larger dogs, or can be used as a stock bottle so that holistic veterinarians can combine herb formulas for specific canine ailments.

  • 25% Discount 12-23 Units 
  • 50% Discount 24+ Units

Canine Topical Remedies

  • 25% Discount 12-23 Units 
  • 50% Discount 24+ Units

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Mix and Match

You can mix and match products in a single category. to receive a discount. Therefore, you would have to purchase a minimum of 12 topical remedies and 12 Nutra-Qi Supplements to receive a 25% discount on all of your ordered items. However, if you order 24 topicals and 24 Nutra-qi you will recieve a 50% cart level discount.

Nutra-Qi Point of Purchase Display-1 $325wholesale dog chinese herb remedies

Contains 42 small bottles of Kidney Yin (10), Liver (10), Heart (6), Spleen (10), and Lung (6) formulas; plus free shipping & free display! Order Here!



wholesale dog chinese herb remediesTopical Point of Purchase Display $325

Includes 10 each of our 5 topical formulas, free display, free shipping! Order Here!





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