Chronic Skin-Fur and Paw Conditions

Water Element-Kidney Yin Deficiency Pattern

  • Dry flaky skin
  • Symptoms worsen at night
  • Night sweating
  • Dry fur coat
  • Dry skin
  • Dry cracking paws
  • Dry tongue
  • Hair loss
  • Thirst

Wood Element Liver Stagnation Pattern



Earth Element Spleen Deficiency w/ Dampness Pattern

Chronic Spleen Deficiency leading to Internal Dampness

  • Eruptions with puss
  • Weeping skin eruptions
  • Possibly hot spots
  • Damp discharges
  • Fungal infections developing on skin or paws
  • Loose stools
  • Wet tongue

Toxic Heat Pattern

  • Very red eruptions that are often itchy
  • Extreme pacing and agitation
  • Red tongue with thick yellow coat
  • Red eyes
  • With Damp conditions- yellow oozing sores with bad odor
  • Possibly hot spots

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