Most conditions that dogs suffer from have more than one pattern of imbalance. Herbs for each pattern of imbalance would be used at full dose. Therefore, most dogs will be given 2-4 wellness formulas daily. None of the ingredients are toxic at these doses. If a dog is taking only one formula the dosing should be on the high end, but it is not advisable to give a dog more than a double dose of any one formula daily.

Measuring Dose

A gram is almost a quarter of a teaspoon, however, the only true way of measuring a gram is by weight so you may want to consider purchasing a scale that measures grams. If the size of a Qi-Bite™ does not weigh the exact amount recommended there is no reason for concern up to double the dose daily. If you want to make exact dosing measurements you will want to use the Nutra-Qi™ powder.

Administering Nurta-Qi™

The powdered herbs should be mixed with ground meat or peanut butter. Some dogs will tolerate the flavor in their meals.

Small Dog Dosing

If you have a very small dog under 20 pounds you may want to consider using the Nutra-Qi™ powder as the Qi-Bites™ tend to be around 2 grams or more each. Qi-Bites™ are artisan products hand-crafted in small batches and are not identical in size or weight.

Finicky Eaters and Qi-Bites™

Some dogs may not like the taste of the herbs. Simply put a bit more peanut butter on the Qi-Bites™.

Qi-Bites™ Dosing

30-60 pounds-1 per day

61-90 pounds-2 per day

Nutra-Qi™ Dosing

1/2 gram per 20 pounds daily

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