Water Element Kidney Yang Tonic Nutra-Qi™

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Canine Kidney Yang Chinese herbal supplement

100% All-Natural Organic Ingredients!

A canine herbal supplement containing 100% natural organic herbs that tonify Yang. Yang Deficiency may have indications such as coldness, hind-leg weakness, tenderness along the back, knee weakness, hearing loss. 

Certified Organic Ingredients: yin yang huo, nu zhen zi fruit , he shou wu, hu lu ba, rou gui (Note: Do not confuse nu zhen zi with hedge privet, which is toxic to dogs)

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  • No Corn Wheat or Soy
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors or Colors
  • Made in the USA

Note: Not intended for nursing or pregnant dogs without the recommendation of your veterinarian. Contra-indicated with extreme Yin DeficiencyMade in a facility that processes peanuts.


30 day money back guarantee from shipping date for small 250 gr. size bottle. Buyer pays shipping both ways. Applies only to products bought from our online store. No returns or refunds on large 100 gram bottles. Try a small bottle first if you think the herbs may not work out.
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